What Can we Do for You?

With professional experience ranging from small start ups to international diplomacy across more than 100 countries...... College 2 Life staff have a proven track record on how to find the best jobs in a wide range of industries.

With expansion of online learning over the last year, College 2 Life has both virtual and in-person seminars available.

Half Day College Workshop

Our flagship course- College 2 Life offers half day work shops focused on job preparation and finding jobs after school. All workshops cover basic topics including:

  • Defining the purpose of education

  • Helping students choose a career path

  • Balancing between skills, passion, and the utility of a job

  • Organizing time towards finding a job

  • Import things to know about resumes, GPAs, and internships

  • The best time to look for a job

  • Negotiating for a new job

  • And much more......

And before each workshop, Careers 2 Life can also meet individually with clients to discuss any special focus or topics which your university/department may desire.

Career Planning WorkSHOP

Learn about what you want out of a jobs, what careers complement your strengths, and how to build a career, instead of having just a job.

Interviewing Explained

Discover the tips and tricks to interviewing; and how to make the best impression.

Networking Workshop

Learn how to position yourself within your field, and revamp you online presence to reflect that path. Discover what networking really is, and what it is not, and what it takes to build lasting connections that will help you along your path.

Negotiating and Career Goals

Realize your potential and maximize your compensation. Learn how to negotiate and optimize your total compensation package throughout your career. Plan for your future and learn how to set goals for your career.